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Beliefs and Mission

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and is the only way to the Father and life eternal.
  • We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and the only infallible guide to faith and practice.
  • We believe the Holy Spirit is God and actively is at work in our lives and world today.
  • We believe in the importance of the local church in our community and world.
  • We believe that though God loves all people not everyone will be saved. People who repent of their sins and turn to Jesus in faith are promised salvation – on the merits of His sacrifice on the Cross alone.
  • Through His bodily resurrection from the dead, Jesus Christ has been given the preeminent and exclusive title of King of kings and Lord of Lords. He will one day return to earth to judge the living and the dead, and every person who has ever lived will give an account for their lives.


Mission Statement

 A transformational community of Christ’s followers, intentionally equipped for worship, service, and mission.

  1. Transforming Community of Christ-followers. We are committed to being more than cultural or casual Christians. We believe that Christ saved us to be His passionate followers (aka “disciples”) who together are on a journey of continually being transformed into His image. Home groups are the primary structure for this to happen at BRCC. Our “first line” of pastoral care also occurs within the home group. We think it is very important to change our independent lifestyles to become true kingdom-minded,Gospel-centered, love-motivated servants who share their lives with others. Home groups give us a practical way to carry out the “one another’s” of biblical Christ following.
  2. Intentionally trained. We are committed to equipping our members for personal, local, and global transformation. We desire to help each other mature into fruit-bearing Christ-followers, who in turn are equipped and motivated to nurture other Christ-followers. The expansion of our ministry and mission locally and globally depends on this. This training takes place through Sunday classes and worship services, lasting friendships, home groups, seminars, discipleship relationships, mission trips, and other training opportunities.
  3. Worship. We are committed to glorifying God with our entire lives. This involves commitment to personal, private, and corporate prayer, worship, and the study of the Bible. We will each take personal responsibility for spending regular secret time with the Lord and will regularly assemble with other believers in small and large groups to worship, pray, wait on the Lord, and be taught from the word of God. We are committed to then purposefully and promptly obey what we have learned. Though we passionately desire to experience the tangible presence of God, we purpose to never exalt emotions above the centrality of the person of Jesus Christ and the authority of the Scriptures in our midst.
  4. Ministry. We are committed to helping one another find and flourish in our callings and ministries in the church, marketplace, and world. We believe that leaders in the church should focus on equipping the members to do the work of the ministry. Therefore we desire to see every member involved in life-giving ministry to others, and we purpose to create paradigms and processes that effectively help this to happen. Church as usual will not suffice.
  5. Mission. We are committed to taking personal responsibility to love and build relationships with those outside the church. It is God’s desire for all people to come to know Christ as Lord and Savior. We desire to empower and release our members into the harvest at home and abroad. As we embrace this mission we expect that we will grow, multiply disciples, leaders, home groups, and churches around the region and around the world.



We believe that the number of people we “send” is very important. While we measure things such as attendance, baptisms, and giving, we believe a far better metric of church health is how many people have we trained, mobilized and sent into the harvest? How many home group leaders have we raised up? How many groups have we multiplied? How many Sunday School teachers have we equipped and released into ministry? How many missionaries have we sent? How many churches have we planted? These metrics are far more profound and telling than simply, “How many people came to church today?” Or, “Did we get the bills paid this month?”

Rather than growing to become a larger and larger church, that has more and more of a corporate feel, we prefer the more relational model of the middle sized church. But this doesn’t mean we must stop growing. Rather it means that we must continually multiply. We must be willing to release our best to whatever God is calling them to do. Blue Ridge was a church plant from Christ Community Church in Charlottesville back in 1989. Since that time we have planted two daughter churches in the area. Multiplying is important to us. Church planting is in our DNA.

Our model has been to grow to about 200 people and then bring on an Associate Pastor for church planting. When we reach 250 people we send 50-60 people out to plant a new church.

We are prayerfully looking at additional models for planting as well. Some exciting things are developing in this area.

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