Check out the most frequently asked questions below! If you have a question not listed here please email or call.

Why do you only have church on Sunday mornings?2017-02-15T23:09:15+00:00

While our Sunday morning gatherings are very important, we feel that meeting in home groups is the real backbone of the church. We want to see every member learn to extend God’s grace to others. The home group is the ultimate enviroment for this. We believe that home groups are just as legitimate and necessary as corporate meetings. Radical? Perhaps. Biblical? Totally. (Acts 5:42)

How is the church governed?2017-02-15T23:08:41+00:00

The Bible teaches that Jesus is the Head of the Church and the Chief Shepherd. And it teaches that Jesus delegates the responsibility of overseeing each local expression of His church to a group of elders. Within this group there is usually one set apart as the the lead elder or pastor, who is primarily responsible for cultivating and communicating publicly the vision that Jesus is giving the local elder team. At Blue Ridge we have a Sr. Pastor and a plurality of Elders.

What do I do with my kids?2020-12-08T00:37:44+00:00

During Covid our worship time together will be family style.  All children are invited to remain with their parents on a blanket or chair during our service

How should I dress?2017-02-15T23:07:20+00:00

“Be comfortable,” is the answer. We want you to feel at home. Most people who attend Blue Ridge dress in a casual way. Church is not a fashion statement at BRCC. If you come casual and more or less clean, you will fit right in!

Why do you worship the way you do?2017-02-15T23:06:39+00:00

Our worship services reflect biblical patterns and expressions of worship. Rather than reflect one particular stream of church or denominational heritage, we desire to honor and reflect the diversity of our religious and ethnic heritages. Central to our philosophy of worship is the desire and expectation that it is possible to actually meet with and experience God in a very real and powerful way in both personal and corporate settings. Our overall form of worship would be considered more contemporary than liturgical, and more participatory than performance-based.

What kind of church is this?2017-02-15T23:04:55+00:00

Blue Ridge Community Church is a nondenominational / interdenominational church. But this doesn’t mean we are generic. Blue Ridge has a very clear sense of the kind of church God has called us to be. We are anything but a stereotypical church. People from diverse backgrounds enjoy worshipping and serving at BRCC.

We endeavor to be thoroughly Christ-centered and Bible-based, which puts us on the conservative side of Christiantity. But we are not an angry, legalistic church that is against all kinds of stuff. While we encourage our members to be good citizens and involved in the political process, we are quite sure that Jesus was neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

At Blue Ridge we are learning how to truly enjoy God and one another. Many people have said this is the friendliest church they’ve ever been a part of. Other’s are moved by the tangible presence of God’s Spirit in our worship services. We’d love to get a chance to meet you!

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